Cameron Farnsworth Company CEO

Farnsworth  Appraisals has been providing the Kamloops area with residential  appraisal services since 2004 and are committed to the highest  standards.  We believe that the work we deliver speaks for itself.  You  will always receive a top quality appraisal report within a very short turnaround time. 


Our  clientele includes real estate buyers, property owners, attorneys,  banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, relocation companies as well as  anyone who needs to determine the value
of residential real estate.  Whether you are refinancing, purchasing or selling a property or need  direction for estate purposes or foreclosures we can meet your needs.

We  provide appraisal reports in several types of formats including full  appraisals, drive-by appraisals, desktop appraisals and relocation  reports as well as progress inspections and market rents. We provide the  client our reports in a format that meets their needs, while also  conforming to the guidelines and standards of the industry (CUSPAP). 

So  whether it’s a vacant riverfront acreage, single family dwelling,  apartment unit, recreational property or townhouse unit give us a call  and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Success  in the residential appraisal industry is directly related to the trust  that our client’s place in us. We can proudly say that we get most of  our work from referrals and return clients and we can think of no better  testament that verifies our commitment to the industry.